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Fed Supply, our logistics temp agency in Montreal

Fed Supply takes care of the temporary recruitment of an employee for your company. Our expertise in this field allows us to target the right candidates to meet your needs.

Your future temporary employment in the supply chain sector

Because we source both permanent and temporary contracts, and because we are specialists in the supply chain industry, we are uniquely qualified to help you find the perfect match to support your team.

Recruiting a temporary worker is a real opportunity for an employer.


What is a temporary employment

The external asset is recruited for a specific task over a limited period of time. It can be for a job in transport and logistics, a temporary mission in customer service, or any sector requiring a punctual intervention.

The worker is paid by the logistics temp agency, which in turn is licensed by the CNESST. Therefore, the temporary staffing agency is responsible for the payroll and declarations, as well as all administrative matters related to the employee's salary.

The latter then invoices its client - the employer - on an hourly basis. The hourly rate charged is agreed upon and signed by means of a commercial agreement before the temporary worker begins work.

After six months of temporary work, the temporary worker can be hired on a permanent basis at no further cost!

The benefits of temporary employment

Temporary employment has many benefits for a company.

  • A specific skill for a limited time - You can use an expert temporary resource. Their high level of expertise allows them to intervene for technical and specific projects.
  • In case of one of your employee's unavailability - a temporary expert employee can avoid the process of a job handover.
  • To smooth out recruitment costs - When you recruit on a permanent basis, the billing is done when the person takes up the position. In the case of a temporary recruitment, the invoice is every two weeks.
  • Help during a busy period - If the business is seasonal, a temporary asset will help the team get through the peak of activity. 

Do your temporary employment with our logistics temp agency

Our temp agency knows what it takes to find the right candidate. The resume will not be the same as a candidate for a permanent position. Different expertise through different mandates deliberately chosen will be considered. We therefore give priority to the coherence of the career path.

At Fed Supply, a logistics recruitment firm, we offer a temporary work service. Our consultants will be delighted to detail our service offers if you need to hire a temporary worker in the supply chain, transportation and logistics, purchasing or customer service.

Let us fill your job position so we can help you meet your needs! 😊