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Temp jobs in Logistics and Supply chain in Montreal

If you are looking for a job in the supply chain in Montreal, have you considered temporary work? Fed Supply wants to give you as many choices as possible in your career options.

Find a temporary work contract in logistics with Fed Supply

Our temporary employment agency in Montreal will find you the best temporary job opportunities in the Greater Montreal area. Jobs in logistics and transportation are ideal for short contracts, which allow you to evolve in your career freely. There are possibilities in all sectors: customer service, transportation, procurement, import-export… Explore your options with us!

Temporary job: definition

A temporary job is a job that is not permanent, meaning that it has a fixed, usually short duration, which can vary from a few weeks to several months. Temporary jobs are often created to meet a specific need, such as work overload or to replace an employee on leave or off work.

Deconstructing the myths of temporary work with our logistics recruiters

Temporary work has many advantages for a candidate in the supply chain professions:

  • Faster skill growth;
  • An increased versatility to be highlighted on your resume;
  • A possibility to vary the pleasures and never get bored in your job;
  • A wider choice to establish a permanent contract, once you are really comfortable with a company.

Send us your spontaneous application or apply for one of our available positions! Our logistics recruitment agency is always at your disposal so that you can quickly find a temporary or permanent job in the Greater Montreal.

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