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Our only objective when we meet you through interviews : help you reach your next professional milestone

Come and relax, because we are here to accompany you, not to eat you! With us there are no twisted questions or attempts at destabilization: it is your skills that interest us, nothing else! We are not specialized Supply Chain recruiters for nothing.

How is your application processed by Fed Supply

When you apply or submit a spontaneous application, your resume follows a well-defined path!

It arrives directly to the specialized advisor in charge of the position who studies it carefully. If your profile corresponds to a current vacancy, he or she will contact you to schedule an interview. At the end of this in-depth interview, if your profile matches and you are interested in the job offer, your application is presented to our client and you will then go through the recruitment process up to the job offer and finally during the integration period in your new job.
In all these steps the specialized consultant advises and accompanies you.

Please be aware that in all cases your application file is kept and integrated into our national talent base - to which all consultants have access - because we have only one objective: to multiply the chances of presenting you the job offer you are waiting for.

You have not been contacted yet ?

Don't panic ! There may not be a matching position for you at the moment of your application. In this case, watch out for new offers, create an email alert and apply as soon as an offer matches your profile.


SOCIAL COMMITMENTS AND DIVERSITY: candidates are evaluated according to their skills and the suitability of their profile for a position...And that's it! All our consultants take part in a "Non-discrimination and Respect for Diversity" training course and commit to respecting the rules set out in the Fed Group Diversity Charter. We are committed to being exemplary in all our recruitments.

BUSINESS ETHICS: Fed Supply is a member of the United Nations Global Compact and is committed to conducting its business activities with respect for human rights, labor standards, the environment and the fight against corruption. Our commitments are detailed in our Moral Commitment Charter, received and signed by all our suppliers.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENTS: Fed Supply has set up several measures to limit the impact of its activity on the environment, such as rational management of waste and recycling, a plan to control water/energy consumption and a teleworking system for its employees.

BE AN EXEMPLARY EMPLOYER: visit the groupefed.fr website to discover our values, our vision of teamwork and the collaborative experience we offer our team. #teamspirit!

Fed Supply is a recruitment company registered to the "Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail" (CNESST - Licence n°AP-2000217 / AR-2000216).